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The objectives of Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI) can be different from hospital to hospital. 3M’s end-to-end solution can be tailored to your hospital’s budget, resources and culture.


Training for Clinical Documentation Specialists (CDS) and HIMs/Coders

For hospitals who have appointed dedicated staff to perform CDI activities this training equips participants with extensive knowledge and resources so they are competent and immediately effective in their role. The content of this training is fully aligned with Australian Coding Standards and AR-DRG grouper-specific content. Training is currently available in ICD-10-AM/ACHI Ninth Edition (v5.1, v6.0x, v7.0, v8.0) and Tenth Edition (v5.1, v6.0x, v8.0, v9.0).

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CDI baseline measurement record review

For those who want to assess and quantify the missed opportunity residing in their clinical documentation.  A random sample of records is assessed by 3M's multidisciplinary team  for incomplete, missing or conflicting documentation that impacts the DRG.

Clinician Engagement

For those who need to increase CDI awareness with Clinicians, Nurse Unit Managers, Nursing and Allied Health staff, education sessions help outline their role in making the program a success. We also have a CDI app which guides the specificity to capture for the 100 most common diagnosis.

On-site Coaching

For those who have undergone 3M CDI training but require more practical training on-site. the CDS/HIM will be able to consolidate their training, check their competency and grow in the practical application of their knowledge.

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