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3M is passionate about providing software and services which help clinicians, HIMs/coders and hospitals make every medical record more accurate and valuable. With nearly 30 years experience in Australia and New Zealand, 3M has a long proven heritage in the health information management industry.

3M believes the best results for clinical documentation improvement (CDI) happen when there is true, respectful collaboration between the two groups through the appointment of a CDI Specialist (CDS) who navigates between clinicians and HIM/Coders to deliver documentation that meets the primary and secondary, as well as internal and external uses of the data.

In Australia, there are currently 29 hospitals whom 3M has partnered with on their CDI journey. 3M’s team of CDI experts are passionate about providing quality CDI training and are proud to have formally trained 36 CDI Specialists through the 3M™ DRG Assurance™ Program.

Some of our TEAM


Kathy is 3M’s Documentation and Clinical Manager and as part of this role manages the 3M team of CDI experts.  Kathy is responsible for ensuring all CDI training materials have been accurately modified to meet the Australian environment for clinical content, classification, Australian Coding Standards and the version of the AR-DRG grouper relevant for that hospital. In her role as DRG Assurance™ Trainer, Kathy has engaged with a considerable number of medical specialists and clinicians, and has conducted clinician CDI training in order to educate, engage and enable. Since the DRG Assurance™ launch in early 2015, Kathy has trained many of the Australian CDI Specialists currently working in the field. Kathy has also presented at national and international forums. Kathy has a background in Health Information Management with a long term passion for ensuring patient complexity is accurately reflected in hospital outcomes.


Julie trained a Registered Nurse at the Aintree University Hospital Liverpool UK (Formerly Walton and Fazakerley Hospitals). She has a background in Oncology and Palliative Care Nursing and worked as a Charge Nurse in Community Health in Abu Dhabi. While in the Middle East Julie moved into Case Management where the role encompassed CDI, complex discharge planning with early coordination of multidisciplinary teams, monitoring and management of admissions for medical necessity, avoidable days, length of stay and readmission trends. Following on from this role, Julie then successfully set up a CDI team of three CDS’ in Tawam Hospital in affiliation with Johns Hopkins, Abu Dhabi. Returning to Australia in her role as DRG Assurance™ trainer, Julie brings with her a wealth of expertise integrating clinical nursing into the areas of Case Management and CDI and firmly believes CDI is about improving clinical documentation to accurately reflect the quality of care delivered, patient outcomes, severity of illness and resources used.


Jennie holds a degree in Health Information Management (University of Sydney) and worked as a HIM in Medical Record Departments in Regional NSW for 5 years before settling in Canberra as a Coding Manager. Jennie assisted in the implementation of ABF for ACT Health which included clinical education and reforming coding practice to align with ABF. During this transition Jennie learnt that effective CDI programs are where both clinicians and clinical documentation specialists know how their work impacts the coding and overall data quality process so that the medical record accurately reflects the care provided to the patient. Jennie believes the critical success factor for CDI is continual education for clinicians around documentation and CDI specialist engagement with all stakeholders. 


Megan holds a degree in Bachelor of Applied Science, Health Information Management (University of Sydney). Megan worked at the National Centre for Classification in Health at The University of Sydney for more than 12 years and was responsible for managing, coordinating and presenting the ICD-10-AM/ACH/ACS national and international education programs. Over the last few years Megan has also been working with the World Health Organization in the development of the next revision of the classification, ICD-11, as well as on an International Classification of Health Interventions (ICHI). Megan has been involved in lecturing at The University of Sydney within the School of Health Information Management and in the Health Sciences offshore nursing program in Singapore. In her role as a 3M trainer for DRG Assurance™ Megan firmly believes that CDI is essential for accurate classification of inpatient episodes of care.

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